Letters and Documents

Here PCC will publish letters and documents that may be of interest to the public.

UHB letter to residents Pentyrch Surgery- October 23

LG&E Act 2021 Welsh Gov statutory-guidance 13.06.22

LG & E Act 2021 canllawiau-statudol-ar-gyfer-ctc 13.10.22

PCC Annual Report 2021-2022

Metro report Final Bilingual

PCC Response to 19:02523:MJR Site E, land S of Creigiau 20.4.2022

PCC Letter PAC Land adjacent J33 of M4

CCC to Mark Drakeford_ Ovobikes 2.2.2022

PCC to Stagecoach S Wales 27.1.2022

PCC Response Pentyrch Primiary School Consultation 24.1.2022

PCC RLDP response 24.1.2022

Welsh Government to PCC 21.12.21 re Climate Change

Lee Waters to Mark Drakeford_Energy Efficint Homes 14.12.2021

Lee Waters to Mark Drakeford_Energy efficient homes 3.11.2021

GPoC – Qualifications of Clerks Regulations 2021 – Letter to community and town council sector – W

GPoC – Qualifications of Clerks Regulations 2021 – Letter to community and town council sector – E

Town and Community Councils – Shaping Wales’ Future

Cynghorau Tref a Chymuned – Llunio Dyfodol Cymru



Shaping Wales’ Future programme: Welsh Government has published the first wave of Wales’ national milestones under the seven well-being goals, an updated suite of national well-being indicators, and the second edition of the Future Trends Report Wales.







PCC Cardiff Bus Strategy Consulation Response 2021

PCC Letter to Mark Drakeford re Climate Emergency and Cardiff Council Engagement 25.11.2021

211203 Reply to Pentyrch CC – MD

211104 Letter FAO DMCC re energy efficient homes


Cardiff Guide to Extending Your Home English 2019v2

Cardiff Residential Extensions and Alterations SPG – Nov 2017 Final version

PCC Annual Report 2020-2021

PCC Annual Report 2019-2020

Pentyrch Surgery_Health Board to CHC 28.9.2021

SG CHC CHC – Letter to CVUHB Pentyrch Surgery Sept 2021 [E]

Pentyrch CC response to CDF17683 5G mast in Pentyrch, Cardiff

PCC Annual Report 2018 – 2019

Cardiff Standards & Ethics Committee Observation feedback – Pentych Community Council 17.05.21