What We Do

“The Community Council aims to achieve an improvement in our environment, to enrich the quality of life and preserve the diversity of local life.  The Council will endeavour to protect the rural character of the four villages and retain local identity”.

Annual Report 23-24

PCC Annual Report 2021-2022


PCC Annual Report 2019-2020

PCC Annual Report 2018 – 2019

Pentyrch Community Council serves the villages of Pentyrch, Creigiau, including Capel Llanilltern, and Gwaelod y Garth.  The Council consists of 13 Councillors representing the villages 6:5:2 respectively. The Community Council area is covered by two County Council wards – Pentyrch (Pentyrch & Gwaelod y Garth) and Creigiau (Creigiau & Capel Llanilltern).  The Creigiau County Council ward also includes St Fagans but there is a separate St Fagans Community Council.

Pentyrch Community Council meets once a month (except August) – on the third Monday of the month – when the day to day business of the Council is decided upon.  The meetings are advertised well in advance and the public and press are entitled and invited to attend.  There is a provision on the Agenda for the public to voice any concerns.  The meetings currently take place online using Microsoft Teams.  The Teams link is on each agenda.

The Council is mostly funded through a Precept raised on Council Tax and unlike the County Council, receives no Government Grant.  A small amount of income is collected from wayleaves and burial fees.  It serves a population of some 2,911 households as at April 22 or approximately 6,500 residents.

The Council employs a part-time Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Community Engagement Officer;  and one full-time and one part-time Community Maintenance )fficer.

The Community Council undertakes the following functions:-

  • provision of allotments
  • maintenance of two burial grounds
  • maintenance and provision of open spaces (notably the Community Council owns the Garth Common)
  • maintenance of community woodlands
  • maintenance and provision of play equipment
  • maintenance and management of Creigiau Recreation Field – most of the area leased to Creigiau Recreation Charity as of 24.12.2020
  • maintenance and management of Creigiau Frog Pond
  • maintenance of several small pockets of grass amenity areas within the villages
  • provides and maintains many of the public seats and notice boards in the area

It is active on behalf of local residents in seeking to bring pressure on the County Council to carry out its functions and duties particularly in relation to highways, footways (pavements), Public Rights of Way (PROW), street cleansing and the provision of amenities.  It seeks to help promote and support voluntary leisure and charitable activities and has an interest in any matter which can affect the lives of local residents – planning matters and the Replacement Local Development Plan are a particular concern.

We have a supply of green recycling and food bags, re-stocked regularly by Cardiff Council.



Cefn Bychan/Fairmeadow Woodland                   6.6 acres

Land at Pentyrch Village Hall                                  0.49 acres

Memorial Park, Pentyrch                                         0.45 acres

Garth Common                                                          252.0 acres

Bronllwyn Graveyard, Pentyrch
Ael y Bryn open space : Village Green                  0.44 acres

Lon y Fro open spaces                                             0.78 acres
1 Penuel Road


Park Y Felin Woodland, Creigiau                         0.46 acres

Terrace Woodland, Creigiau                                  0.53 acres

Castell y Mynach Open Spaces                                 3.7 acres

Creigiau Recreation Field and Pavilion              11.56 acres

Gwaelod y Garth

Garth Villa Woodland                                              3.64 acres

The Community Council also has a large collection of old postcards of the area and pieces of Creigiau pottery.  We have a museum of local history at 1 Penuel Road with information on the area dating back to the Bronze Age.

Customer Charter

Pentyrch Community Council will strive to provide a high standard of service in every aspect of the Council’s public work, in writing and orally.  The standard of this service will be reviewed on a regular basis with the objective of continually improving the standard.

Dealing with the Public

  • The time targets for replying to written correspondence is within 15 working days of receipt of the original letter.  If the matter is to be referred to the full Council then the sender will be advised accordingly.
  • All telephone messages/ calls will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.  If a satisfactory reply is not available immediately, staff will strive to seek the information required as soon as possible.

The Council office is currently only open on Friday mornings.
Any complaints regarding Council activities will be dealt with in the first instance by the Clerk and the full Council advised at the next monthly meeting.  In the event of the Clerk being unable to deal with the complaint the matter will be referred to the full Council.

The Council has adopted a Welsh Language Scheme which aims to:-

  • To treat both the Welsh and English language on the basis of equality.
  • To enable everyone who receives or uses the Council’s service to have the opportunity to do so through the medium of English or Welsh.
  • To provide an equally efficient standard of service in both languages.
  • To promote the use of the Welsh language within the Council’s area.