Cardiff Replacement Local Development Plan 2021 – 2036




See the RLDP page for more information: Cardiff Replacement Local Development Plan 2021 – 2036 | Cyngor Cymuned Pentyrch Community Council


Council Participation Strategy – Survey

Participation Strategy (

Cardiff Council is consulting on ways to improve our consultation and engagement work. We want to understand what the barriers to participation are, what more we can do, and what ideas people have on how we can improve.

The survey is available online in English, Welsh, Polish, Bengali and Arabic, and hard copies are available in Hubs and libraries across the city. Additional hard copies can be made available on request and delivered to your organisation for circulating with anyone you think would be interested.

The Council has developed a draft Participation Strategy to help everyone living in the city have their say about the services we deliver and draw our attention to the issues they care about. The survey findings will be used to inform the final Participation Strategy.

We would be grateful if you could promote the survey with your organisation’s members and stakeholders as well as completing the survey yourself to let us know what more we could do to help people take part in our consultation and engagement work.

We know that there are groups who we don’t hear from as much as others such as young people, people aged over 75, people with a disability and minority ethnic residents, so we are especially interested in hearing their views.

The survey closes on Sunday 17th September, and we’d really like to hear from as many people as possible but particularly from the under-represented groups.

If you would like to find out more about the work the Council is doing to promote citizen voice in decision-making as well as our wider equality, diversity and inclusion work, we would be happy to meet with you. Please let us know by replying to this email and we’ll be in touch.