Special Events



Thank you to all who attended our service.


Civic Reception 2023

An opportunity to thank the Members of  the Groups in our Community, and those who make a special effort to contribute.

We are very fortunate within our community to have a wealth of people/organisations that offer great things for our residents. We think it is important to show our thanks and appreciation. 

We would like to thank Councillor Bablin Molik Lord Mayor of Cardiff and her Consort for attending our Civic Reception.

Platinum Jubilee Beacon 2023

The Garth Mountain in Pentyrch has seen celebrations for its community for over 4,000 years. On June 2 2022 it celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of HM The Queen by lighting a beacon as part of events across the Commonwealth.

High above local communities, the beacon was a focus for over 250 people who came together in an extraordinary moment in the UK’s history. The weather was perfect and the views endless. A new moon rose in the west as the sun went down.