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Hanes Pentyrch History

Capel Llanilltern

Capel Llanilltern Church is listed in the Norwich Taxation of 1254 and was a chapelry within the parish of St Fagan's.  The dedication is to Elldeyrn a brother or son of Vortigern. The old church was replaced in 1862, but a number of important memorials from the old church were preserved including the 6th/7th century Vendumaglus Stone. The original 12th century Font also survives.

The Vendumaglus Stone is one of a group seven sub-Roman early Christian monuments of the 5th - 7th century found in Glamorgan. The reading is VENDVAMAL-HIC IACET, which is translated as 'Of Vendumaglus: he lies here'.  We have no idea who Vendumaglus was but he was probably either a priest or person so well-known in his time that there was no need to give his father's name.

Parish Council meetings were held at the Church Hall until 1974.