Village Plan Questionnaire

What is the Village Plan Questionnaire?

PCC is developing a Village Plan – a document developed from responses to a detailed survey of all households in the Pentyrch Community Council area.

The first step is to ask you all to complete a questionnaire so that your views about our community can be included.

In the week beginning May 21 you will receive a hard copy of the questionnaire.  You can either mail it back in the pre-paid envelope or drop it in at one of the locations listed on the form.

You can also take part online following these links:



Why do we need a Village Plan?

Cardiff County Council agreed its Local Development Plan (LDP) which will have a significant impact on residents who live in North West Cardiff, as you can now see along the Llantrisant Road. The decision to build thousands of new homes, coupled with the present climate of austerity, means that Cardiff County Council’s budget is under significant pressure. Communities are likely to have a better chance of success in requesting funding for projects, if they can show they have the backing of residents.

The Village Plan will also help Pentyrch Community Council plan its local activities with and for you.

What will we do with the questionnaire results?

Responses will be treated as confidential and Pentyrch Community Council will not associate any published results with a specific household.