This page shows news and guidance from the UK and Welsh Governments and Cardiff Council – in that order below.  Following that is local information and support available to our communities. 

PCC’s office at 1 Penuel Road, Pentyrch is closed for the time being but you can contact us by email at or  You can also contact your local PCC Councillor – all contact details are on the Councillor tab of this site and in the Community Link.  

Leaflets have been delivered to all households offering help to those who need it.  

A supply of green recycling and food bags will be kept by the front door of the office for as long as we are able to do that. We wish all of you the very best over the coming difficult weeks and months.

HMG Press conferences and updates

PM Statement 3.7.2020

     Slides and data sets 3.7.2020

Number of Coronavirus cases in the UK 2.7.2020

     Slides and data sets 26.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 25.6.2020

Home Secretary’s Statement 24.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 24.6.2020

PM Statement 23.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 23.6.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 22.6.2020

    Slides and data sets 22.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 19.6.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 18.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 18.6.2020

Oliver Dowden’s Statement 17.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 17.6.2020

PM Statement 16.6.2020

      Slides and data sets 16.6.2020

Foreign Secretary’s Statement 15.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 15.6.2020

Transport Secretary’s Statement 12.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 12.6.2020

UK Government supports the income of 418,000 people across Wales 12.6.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s statement 11.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 11.6.2020

PM Statement 10.6.2020

    Slides and data sets 10.6.2020

Business Secretary’s Statement 9.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 9.6.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 8.6.2020

   Slides and data sets 8.6.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 5.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 5.6.2020

Transport Secretary’s Statement 4.6.2020

PM Statement 3.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 3.6.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 2.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 2.6.2020

     Slides and data sets 1.6.2020

Communities Secretary’s Statement 31.5.3030

      Slides and data sets 31.5.2020

Oliver Dowden’s Statement 30.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 30.5.2020

Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain 29.5.2020

PM Statement on the 5 Tests 28.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 28.5.2020

      Slides, data sets and transcripts 28.5.2020

Government launches NHS test and tracing service 27.5.2020

Test and trace: how it works 27.5.2020

NHS test and trace: workplace guidance 27.5.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 27.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 27.5.2020

      Slides, data sets and transcripts  27.5.2020

The Government’s Covid-19 recovery strategy 26.5.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement. 26.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 26.5.2020

      Slides, data sets and transcripts of press conferences  26.5.2020

PM Press Conference Statement 25.5.2020

PM Press Conference Statement 24.5.2020

      Slides, data sets and transcripts 24.5.2020

Transport Secretary’s Statement 23.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 23.5.2020

The R number in the UK 22.5.2020

Home Secretary’s Statement 22.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 22.5.2020

Health & Social Care Secretary’s Statement 21.5.2020

     Slides and data sets 21.5.2020

Coronavirus and regional security: UK statement on Foreign Ministers’ meeting 20.5.2020

Oliver Dowden’s Statement 20.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 20.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 19.5.2020

Wales to receive extra £64.5m as a result of transport funding in England 19.5.2020

Everyone in the UK with symptoms now eligible for Coronavirus test 18.5.2020

Health Secretary’s Statement to Parliament 18.5.2020

Foreign Secretary’s Statement 18.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 18.5.2020

Statement from the UK Chief Medical Officer on an update to Coronavirus symptoms 18.5.2020

Business Secretary’s Statement 17.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 16.5.2020

Extra £35m for Wales in fight against Coronavirus 15.4.2020

Health & Social Care Secretary’s Statement 15.4.2020

      Slides and data sets 15.4.2020

Covid-10: Charter for Safe Working Practice 14.5.2020

Transport Secretary’s Statement 14.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 14.5.2020

Housing Secretary’s Statement 13.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 13.5.2020

Business Secretary’s Statement 12.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 12.5.2020

Prime Minister’s Address 10.5.2020

Transport Secretary’s Statement 9.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 8.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 7.5.2020

Communities Secretary’s statement 6.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 6.5.2020

Foreign Secretary’s Statement 5.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 5.5.2020

Health and Social Care Secretary’s Statement 4.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 4.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 2.5.2020

Health and Society Care Secretary’s statement 1.5.2020

      Slides and data sets 1.5.2020


Check if you can claim a grant through the Self-employment Income Support Scheme 2.7.2020

Coronavirus Act 2020 Status.  7.5.2020

Datganiad Ysgrifenedig – Deddfwriaeth a COID-19 C

Written Statement – Legislation and COVID-19 E

What the Coronavirus Bill will do

HMG Guidance (where guidance is clearly for England only this will not be posted here)

Guidance for households with possible Coronavirus 18.6.2020

Getting tested 18.6.2020

Guidance for households with possible Coronavirus infection 16.6.2020

Part-time Students in Wales can apply now for student finance 15.6.2020

Information for individuals and business in Wales 10.6.2020

How to self-isolate when you travel in the UK 9.6.2020

Coronavirus and loneliness 8.6.2020

Travel advice 7.6.2020

Covid-19 guidance 1.6.2020

Covid-19: getting tested 1.6.2020

Advice for smokers and papers 29.5.2020

Safer travel guidance for passengers 28.5.2020

Travel Advice 28.5.2020

Support for the bereaved 28.5.2020

MOTs due from 30.3 2020  27.5.2020

Working safely during Coronavirus

Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme 26.5.2020

Environmental influence on transmission of Covid-19 as at 28.4.2020.  26.5.2020

Covid-19: scientific evidence supporting the UK government’s response 26.5.2020

Covid-19: Background information 25.5.2020

Welsh Secretary commends Armed Forces’ contribution to the fight against Coronavirus in Wales 21.5.2020

Scientific evidence supporting the Government’s response 20.5.2020

How tests and testing kits for Covid-19 work 19.5.2020

Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme set to launch 18.5.2020

Covid-19: Guidance for employees, employers and businesses 18.5.2020

Overview on scientific information on Coronavirus 15.4.2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme 15.4.2020

How tests and testing kits for Covid-19 for 13.5.2020

Government announces road map Taskforce 13.5.2020

Chancellor extends furlough scheme until October  12.5.2020

New guidance published to ensure the public transport system is safe for those who need use it 12.5.2020

Public advised to cover their faces in enclosed spaces 11.5.2020

Guidance for people receiving direct payments 7.5.2020

New funding to support dairy farmers through Coronavirus crisis 6.5.2020

Critical workers who can access schools or education settings 5.5.2020

Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable 5.4.2020

Eligibility for government childcare offers protected 5.4.2020

Tax credits customers will continue to receive payments even if working fewer hours because of Covid-19 4.5.2020

New small business loans 4.5.2020

Staying home and away from others (social distancing) 1.5.2020

Covid-19 Guidance 1.5.2020

Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do 1.5.2020

HM Government WhatsApp alert system.

Get email alerts from HM Government on the Coronavirus

Welsh Government guidance

Public Health Wales: Coronavirus Resources

General Welsh Government guidance and updates

Public Rights of Way and access land closures

Cau hawliau tramwy cyhoeddus a thir mynediad 

Welsh Government Statement 19.3.2020

Welsh Government Education Statement 19.3.2020

Cardiff Council guidance and information

Cardiff Update 3.7.2020

Cardiff Update 2.7.2020

Cardiff Update 1.7.2020

Cardiff Update 30.6.2020

Cardiff Update 29.6.2020

Cardiff Update 26.6.2020

Cardiff Update 25.6.2020

Cardiff Update 24.6.2020

Cardiff Update 23.6.2020

Cardiff Update 22.6.2020

Cardiff Update 19.6.2020

Cardiff Update 18.6.2020

Cardiff Update 17.6.2020

Cardiff Update 16.6.2020

Cardiff Update 15.6.2020

Cardiff Update 12.6.2020

Cardiff Update 11.6.2020

Cardiff Update 10.6.2020

Cardiff Update 9.6.2020

Cardiff Update 8.6.2020

Cardiff Update 5.6.2020

Cardiff Update 4.6.2020

Cardiff Update 3.6.2020

Cardiff Update 2.6.2020

Cardiff Update 1.6.2020

Cardiff Update 29.5.2020

Cardiff Press Release on Recycling 28.5.2020

Cardiff Update 28.5.2020

Cardiff Update 27.5.2020

Cardiff Update 26.5.2020

Cardiff Update 22.5.2020

Cardiff Update 21.5.2020

Q&A on Cardiff recycling centres 21.5.2020

Cardiff Update 20.5.2020

Cardiff Update 19.5.2020

Cardiff Update 18.5.2020

Cardiff Council FAQs on waste collection from June 1 2020

Cardiff Update 15.5.2020

Cardiff Update 14.5.2020

Cardiff Update 13.5.2020

Cardiff Update 12.5.2020

Cardiff Update 11.5.2020

Cardiff Update Lamby Way 11.5.2020

Cardiff Update 7.5.2020

Cardiff Update 6.5.2020

Cardiff Update 5.5.2020

Cardiff Update 4.5.2020

Cardiff Update 1.5.2020

Cardiff Update 30.4.2020

Cardiff Update 29.4.2020

Cardiff Update 28.4.2020

Cardiff Update 27.4.2020

Cardiff Update 2. 24.4.2020

Cardiff Update 24.4.2020

Cardiff Update 23.4.2020

Cardiff Update 22.4.2020

Cardiff Update 21.4.2020

Cardiff Update 20.4.2020

Cardiff Update 17.4.2020

Cardiff Update 16.4.2020

Cardiff Update 15.4.2020

Cardiff Update 14.4.2020

Cardiff Update 9.4.2020

Cardiff-Council-COVID 19-Update 8.4.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 update 7.4.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 update 6.4.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 update 3.4.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 update 2.4.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 update 1.4.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 update 31.3.2020

Cardiff Council COVID-19 Update 30.3.2020

Cardiff Council Family Advice and Support

Food support available in Cardiff is as follows, depending on an individual’s or a family’s needs:
People NOT self-isolating without funds
  • Call Adviceline 029 2087 1071 or visit Cardiff Foodbank website for information on how to obtain a Cardiff Foodbank voucher. Organisations who hold vouchers are listed on the site, as well as locations where food parcels can be collected
  • Emergency food parcels can also be collected from four hubs – Ely & Caerau, The Powerhouse in Llanedeyrn, St Mellons, and Central Library Hub. Anybody who attends at hub will be contacted by the Adviceline to discuss the root cause of a parcel being required and to offer support with benefit enquiries etc.
People self-isolating with funds
  • Meals on Wheels (If they meet required criteria) Prices start from £3.90 Tel: 02920 537 080
  • Visit the Together for Cardiff pages on the Volunteer Cardiff Website Click on ‘Find Help Near Me’ and then select area and type of help needed. A range of local groups/ businesses will be displayed which they can then contact directly for help.
  • Those without internet access or for further info, call the Adviceline who will signpost people to approved local support groups 02920 871 071
People self-isolating without funds
  • Call or email Advice Line on 02920 871 071 or for delivery of food/ essential items parcel. Foodbank voucher will be ‘virtually’ completed by staff for customers

Together For Cardiff.  This is a place to register for volunteering in Cardiff.

Cardiff Council: Public Rights of Way

Cardiff changes to their services including recycling and garden waste collections can be seen here.  All garden waste collections have been suspended.  Green bags will be collected very two weeks from March 30.

COVID-19 Waste update.  

Changes to Cardiff’s waste collections: 26.3.2020

Cardiff Waste collection poster:

Cardiff parks update 23.3.2020.  Cardiff is closing its play areas immediately.  PCC has closed Memorial Park play area.

Cardiff Council Newsroom

Cardiff Council website for the virus.

Other local advice and information

Cemex Update – Taffs Well Quarry 14.5.2020

Pentyrch Rugby Club : help in the community: 

      Cymorth Yn Y Gymuned


Update from Post Office LACEO-welsh

Update from Post Office LA CEO

Welsh Blood Service appeal for blood donations

New Blood Service appeal dates:

Rhonda Valley Satellite clinics for April are  2nd,3rd 14th,15th,16th,and 17TH all in Coleg Y Cymoed Nantgarw.  And   27th, 28th, 29th and 30th in Ferndale Leisure Centre Ferndale.

Your help last time was invaluable to us. We had 332 clicks on our web  page with 50 bookings This is incredible.  If I may ask you to reach out to those websites again and tell them about forthcoming donations, that would be amazing.

Play Wales/Chwarae Cymru have issued this: Playing actively in and around the home

Bus services: new timetables were issued on March 25:

Service 124.     Service 122 v2.

Stagecoach 136

There seems to be only 1 bus/day on the G1 route from Gwaelod leaving at 11:50am.  We will add more information when we have it.

Creigiau: there are bus stops for routes 124 and 122 at Robin Hill and Tynant Road on the A4119 (Llantrisant Road).  

Trading Standards Scam Team : Here is information on scams with a page on specific scams happening around Coronavirus.

Information from Age Cymru.

Here is a link to Public Health Wales.

PCC will to the best of its ability in this emergency follow the guidelines on working in partnership and with volunteers as set out in the following documents:

Cym – Guidance for WLGA_final 23 March 2020

Guidance for WLGA_final 23 March 2020

WLGA_WCVA-OVW protocol final

WLGA_WCVA-OVW protocol finalCym