PCC: Clerk/Deputy Clerk Vacancy

Please see below the job advertisement for a Clerk and Deputy Clerk for PCC.

Advertisement for Clerk RFO and Deputy Clerk Deputy RFO 2022

For further details of the posts including the job descriptions, person specifications and application form please e-mail pegan@onevoicewales.wales. You will need to specify whether you wish to apply for both posts or specify the post you are interested in. CVs will not be accepted and candidates will be required to complete the job application form.


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We thought you might like to see these beautiful publications:

Chyoeddiad terfynol Cymru’n Cofio 1914-1918

Wales Remembers 1914-1918




This page gives links to news and guidance from the UK and Welsh Governments and Cardiff Council – in that order below.  Following that is local information and support available to our communities. 

PCC’s office at 1 Penuel Road, Pentyrch is closed except from 10am – noon on Fridays.  You can contact us by email at clerk@pentyrch.cc or office@pentyrch.cc.  You can also contact your local PCC Councillor – all contact details are on the Councillor tab of this site and in the Community Link.  

A supply of green recycling and food bags will be kept by the front door of the office for as long as we are able to do that. We wish all of you the very

HMG Guidance : For all guidance on Covid-19 please use this link.

Welsh Government guidance

Public Health Wales: Coronavirus Resources

General Welsh Government guidance and updates

Cardiff Council guidance and information

For all updates from Cardiff please use this link to Cardiff Newsroom

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