Llanilltern Village

The aim of this webpage is to give you information on the new housing development in Creigiau.  Originally known as Strategic Site D in the LDP, this is on the land south of the A4119, south of Creigiau.  It will be marketed and known as Llanilltern Village.  The project also includes the building of a park and ride facility at J33 of the M4.

Llanilltern Village Liaison Update December 2018

Here is a plan : Llanilltern Village

Llanilltern Village 14_00852_DCO-SECTION_106_AGREEMENT-1955598

Here is the site outline : Llanilltern Village Site Outline

And here is a link to Persimmon’s website for Llanilltern Village.

Here is the Travel Plan : Llanilltern Village Travel Plan

Here are the Construction Management Plan documents:





Community Drop-in Events

PCC, Cllr Graham Thomas, Cllr Gavin Hill-John and Persimmon held community drop-in events so that you could see the drawings and ask questions about this development.  The drawings at the PCC office and you are welcome to call in and see them.

The project will take some ten years to complete and we want to give you as much advanced notice as we can about local disruptions so that you can plan accordingly.

PCC have met with Persimmon representatives and County Cllr Graham Thomas.  We hope that this will be the start of a liaison group with Persimmon who are the developers for this site.  The first meeting on February 27 2018 was attended by Cllrs Graham Thomas, Stuart Thomas, John Harrison, Mike Sherwood; Richard Keogh, Adam Spiller of Persimmon and Helena Fox.  Persimmon will give us monthly updates on their works and we all hope this will give you advanced warning of things that will be disruptive to the community.  We will also publicize this on Facebook.

We will be holding some drop-in events where you can see plans for the development and we will publicize them as soon as we have the materials from Persimmon.

Below are some key points for our first meeting.  We will update this as we receive more news.

The development is for 1,500 homes + a primary school + the park and ride around J33 on the M4. The entire project will take some ten years at a build rate of 100-120 homes per year.

Village management:

  • Cardiff will not adopt the site in the old way but all homes, and thus the owners, will be part of a management company.
  • Annual fees will be c£100-120/year to maintain all roads except The Avenue (see below), all green space, street lights, etc.
  • Cardiff will still collect the waste.

S106 and community gain:

  • £2.25m is allocated as a contribution to a local secondary school, probably Radyr.
  • PCC noted that this needs to be watched to make sure it happens.
  • There is money allocated for recreation facilities in Creigiau. Graham Thomas has the details on this and when the funds are due to be released.


  • There will be a 2-form entry primary school which is due to be built around the time 500 homes are occupied: so in about 5 years.
  • Until then, new families will have to send children to Creigiau and Pentyrch Primary Schools.
  • Cardiff know this and did not ask Persimmon to build the school earlier.

House types:

  • Persimmon Homes brand: 1-2 bed flats and 2,3,4 bed houses.
  • Charles Church brand: 4-5 bed houses.
  • It was Cardiff who insisted on the tall ‘gateway’ blocks at the entrances off the A4119. Persimmon felt they were too urban, as did PCC.


  • The Avenue: this will be the main vehicle access through the site from the A4119 down to the park and ride.
  • The Avenue has a 2.4m verge which is wide enough for a Metro line to be added later, whether bus or tram. Bus seems most likely.
  • There is currently to be no car access from the park and ride to the M4.
  • Buses from the park and ride will go down the A4232 and into Cardiff either by continuing down to Leckwith or via Cowbridge Road from Culverhouse Cross.
  • The plans include new bus stops on the A4119.
  • PCC noted that with the increase in parking charges in Cardiff to discourage car use, the area will need a good bus service throughout the day and evenings, every day.

Green Space:

  • This site is c 65:35 greenspace : development – higher than usual.
  • The old hedges that have been removed will mostly be replaced. They were taken out for road widening.
  • The old railway line to Creigiau is a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation) and will be kept but made accessible to bikes and walkers. It is possible that some day this could be part of a renewed rail line.
  • Areas of ancient woodland will remain.
  • Play areas, sports areas and public open space generally will be owned by the residents and managed via a management company.

Water management:

  1. Ponds will be used to catch rainwater flows from surface water drainage and control the release of the surface water into the currently existing streams. This is the modern thinking to control surface water. The ponds are normally planted with aquatic species designed to trap and remove the small levels of traffic related pollutants arising in this type of water.
  2. The sewer system will be dealt with by a series of pumping stations that connect with Welsh Water’s system at east of the site.

Community Grants

Persimmon has a grants scheme for Community Champions and Healthy Communities (a sports programme). This is something local groups will be able to apply to for the duration of the build.  https://www.persimmonhomes.com/charity

Next Steps: (dates may vary)

For a year from Easter 2018:

  • The entrances to the site off the A4119 are the main priority. This includes widening the road which will improve visibility and make space for cycle routes.
  • The junction of Cardiff Road/A4119 will be improved
  • Pavements will be widened and new green verges
  • The A4119 will be resurfaced as far as the church going east.

From June – December 2018:

  • installation of a new gas main from the development site up Pant y Gored and into Pentyrch. This will mean traffic lights to control single lane traffic.

Long Term:

  • Site E, the land north of the A4119 in Creigiau is still owned by the landowner and there are no immediate plans to develop it.
  • Persimmon own land the east of Llanilltern Village and will be submitting an application for its development in early 2019.
  • Land west of Llanilltern Village will eventually be developed too.