PCC meetings are being held online as of May 18 2020.   Please see the Meetings tab for Agendas which include a Microsoft Teams invitation.

Below are the planning lists from Cardiff Council.  Applications for the PCC area are listed under Creigiau/St Fagans and Pentyrch.

All planning decisions are made by Cardiff Council as the Planning Authority.  PCC can comment on applications: supporting, objecting or observing but it has no involvement in the decision.  Community Councillors cannot speak at Cardiff’s Planning Committee meetings.  This can only be done by County Councillors or residents.

If you have any concerns with respect to potential breaches of planning you can report them direct to Enforcement.  The e-mail address is as follows

You can find detail of current and historic planning applications in Cardiff on Cardiff Council’s Planning Portal.

You may find this guidance from Cardiff Council useful:

Cardiff Council Residential Design Guidance

Cardiff Guide to Extending Your Home English 2019v2

Cardiff Residential Extensions and Alterations SPG – Nov 2017 Final version

For details of specific applications to be discussed, please contact the Clerk, Helena Fox : or 02920 891417.


Pentyrch Surgery

May 2022:

The dispute between South Glamorgan CHC and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board regarding the proposed re-provision of Pentyrch Surgery was been referred to the Minister for a decision.  We had hoped for a decision by April 2022 but now hope for one after the Local Government Elections.

We will post any information PCC receives. 


Cardiff Planning Applications

Weekly List (Ward) 12.05.22

Weekly List (Ward) WE 05.05.22

Weekly List (Ward) WE 28.04.22

Weekly List (Ward) 21.04.21

weekly list (ward) 14.04.22

weekly list (ward) 07.04.22.doc

Weekly List (Ward) WE 31.03.22

Weekly List (Ward) WE 24.03.22

Weekly List (Ward) 17.03.22

Weekly List (Ward) WE 10.03.22

weekly list (ward) 03.03.22

Weekly List (Ward) 25.02.22

weekly list (ward) 17.02.22.doc

Weekly List (Ward) 10.02.22

weekly list (ward) 03.02.22.doc

weekly list (ward) 27.01.22.doc

weekly list (ward) 20.01.22.doc

weekly list (ward) 06.01.22.doc

weekly list (ward) 24.12.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 16.12.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 09.12.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 02.12.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 25.11.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 18.11.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 11.11.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 04.11.21.doc


Decided List (Ward) 02.05.22

Decided List (Ward) WE 29.04.22

Decided List (Ward) WE 22.04.22

Decided List (Ward) 11.04.22

Decided List (Ward) WE 08.04.22

Decided List (Ward) 28.03.22

Decided List (Ward) WE 25.03.2022

Decided List (Ward) WE 18.03.22

Decided List (Ward) 07.03.22

Decided List (Ward) WE 04.03.22

Decided List (Ward) 21.02.22

Decided List (Ward) 18.02.22

Decided List (Ward) 07.02.22

Decided List (Ward) WE 04.02.22

Decided List (Ward) 24.01.22

Decided List (Ward) 17.01.22

Decided List (Ward) 10.01.22

decided list (ward) 27.12.21

decided list (ward) 13.12.21

Decided List 06.12.21

Decided List (Ward) 29.11.21

Decided List (Ward) 22.11.21

Delegated Decided (Ward) 15.11.21

Decided List (Ward) 08.11.21

Decided List (Ward) 01.11.21

Decided List (Ward) 25.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 18.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 11.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 04.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 27.09.21

Decided List (Ward) 20.09.21

Decided List (Ward) 13.09.21

decided list (ward) 06.09.21

decided list (ward) 30.08.21

decided list (ward) 16.08.21

Decided List (Ward) 09.08.21

Decided List (Ward) 02.08.21

Decided List (Ward) 26.07.21

Decided List (Ward) 23.07.21

Decided List (Ward) 12.07.21.

Decided List (Ward) 28.06.21

Decided List (Ward) 21.06.21

decided list (ward) 14.06.21.doc

Decided List (Ward) 07.06.21.doc

Decided List (Ward) 31.05.21.doc

Decided List (Ward) 07.06.21

Decided List (Ward) 24.05.21

decided list (ward) 17.05.21

decided list (ward) 03.05.21.

decided list (ward) 26.04.21