Below are the planning lists from Cardiff Council.  Applications for the PCC area are listed under Creigiau/St Fagans and Pentyrch.

All planning decisions are made by Cardiff Council as the Planning Authority.  PCC can comment on applications: supporting, objecting or observing but it has no involvement in the decision.  Community Councillors cannot speak at Cardiff’s Planning Committee meetings.  This can only be done by County Councillors or residents.

PCC Planning Committee : please also see information on this on our PCC Committees page.  The Committee meets on alternate Wednesdays as noon at 1 Penuel Road, Pentyrch CF15 9LJ.

For details of specific applications to be discussed, please contact the Clerk, Helena Fox : or 02920 891417.

The next few meetings will take place on July 17, 31; August 14, 28; September 11, 25; October 9, 23; November 6, 20; December 4, 18.


Although not in our community this enormous development does affect our surrounding area.

Here is a plan Plasdwr masterplan

Plasdwr 14_02733_MJR-SECTION_106_AGREEMENT-1977901

Here is the details of the development.  We have a hard copy in the PCC office

Plasdwr Design details Part 1

Plasdwr Design details Part 2

Telecoms Mast application for Pentyrch Rugby Club site

Cardiff Council have approved this application as of August 31 2017.

Here is an update from the PSA as of February 2019:

PSA Update on Mast February 2019

Here is an update on this matter from the Pentyrch Sports Association as of September 24 2018 : UPDATE ON THE PROPOSED MOBILE PHONE MAST ON PARC Y DWRLYN FIELDS

Below are the documents relating to this application including the decision notice and planning report.












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