PCC held a Planning Committee meeting on Teams on August 24 at 10:30am.   The Minutes and response letter sent from PCC are below:

Minutes Planning Committee August 24 2021

Pentyrch CC response to CDF17683 5G mast in Pentyrch, Cardiff

The deadline for responses was August 26.  
PCC was notified of this matter by Cllr Gavin Hill-John on August 12.
This is to discuss a pre-consultation enquiry for a 5G mast at High Corner, Pentyrch:


Pre-Application Enquiry – Site Detail Sheet CDF17683


PCC meetings are being held online as of May 18 2020.   Please see the Meetings tab for Agendas which include a Microsoft Teams invitation.

Below are the planning lists from Cardiff Council.  Applications for the PCC area are listed under Creigiau/St Fagans and Pentyrch.

All planning decisions are made by Cardiff Council as the Planning Authority.  PCC can comment on applications: supporting, objecting or observing but it has no involvement in the decision.  Community Councillors cannot speak at Cardiff’s Planning Committee meetings.  This can only be done by County Councillors or residents.

You can find detail of current and historic planning applications in Cardiff on Cardiff Council’s Planning Portal.

You may find this guidance from Cardiff Council useful:

Cardiff Council Residential Design Guidance

Cardiff Guide to Extending Your Home English 2019v2

Cardiff Residential Extensions and Alterations SPG – Nov 2017 Final version

For details of specific applications to be discussed, please contact the Clerk, Helena Fox : or 02920 891417.

Pentyrch Surgery

Below is a link to the letter from the Health Board to the  Community Health Council of 28.9.2021

Pentyrch Surgery_Health Board to CHC 28.9.2021

Below is a link to the letter from the Community Health Council to the Cardiff & Vale University Health board of 14.9.2021
SG CHC CHC – Letter to CVUHB Pentyrch Surgery Sept 2021 [E]
Update from CHC 14.9.2021

The SG CHC Executive Committee met  on 14.9.2021. Members of the public observed.  

PCC’s Clerk observed the meeting and summarised it as follows – allowing for sometimes difficult audio of the meeting:

Recommendation from CHC Planning Committee: to run a formal public consultation for 8 weeks on the relocation of Pentyrch Surgery
CHC Executive decision at today’s meeting: agreed to make this recommendation to the Health Board.  The CHC will write formally to the Health Board as soon as possible explaining reason for recommendation.  The letter will be on the CHC website by the end of this week.
The Health Board had written to the CHC on 3.9.2021 and, in summary, said it thought it had followed due process around the public engagement done to date and does not think that the proposed move is a substantive change.  The Health Board is concerned that primary care is insufficient in the local area.
The Health Board will meet on 20.9.21 and decide whether it agrees or disagrees with the recommendation to run a full public consultation.
If the Health Board disagrees: a 6-week period of dispute follows between CHC and Heath Board to find a satisfactory outcome.  If none is reached, there is immediate referral to the Minister for Health and Social Services to arbitrate between CHB and HB on way forward.  
If the Health Board agrees: there will be an 8 week consultation.  After that, CHC will review feedback and determine whether issues have been resolved and information will be referred to the Health Board.
In the meantime, the GP practice has written to the CHC saying the delays mean that they may have to close the surgery completely.  No details were given as to what that means or timings.

Update from CHC 5.8.2021

Just to make you aware that the CHC Service Planning Committee was held on Monday 16th August at 10am  to review the engagement around the Pentyrch Surgery service change proposals. During this online meeting Members made formal recommendations to the CHC Executive Committee on whether to support or not support these service change proposals. 



weekly list (ward) 18.11.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 11.11.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 04.11.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 28.10.21.doc

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weekly list (ward) 07.10.21

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Weekly List (Ward) 23.09.21

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Weekly List (Ward) 10.09.21

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weekly list (ward) 26.08.21

Weekly List (Ward) 20.08.2021

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Weekly List (Ward) 05.08.21

Weekly List (Ward) 29.07.21

weekly list (ward) 22.07.21

weekly list (ward) 08.07.21

weekly list (ward) 01.07.21

weekly list (ward) 24.06.21

weekly list (ward) 17.06.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 10.06.21.doc

weekly list (ward) 17.06.21

weekly list (ward) 03.06.21


Decided List (Ward) 08.11.21

Decided List (Ward) 01.11.21

Decided List (Ward) 25.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 18.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 11.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 04.10.21

Decided List (Ward) 27.09.21

Decided List (Ward) 20.09.21

Decided List (Ward) 13.09.21

decided list (ward) 06.09.21

decided list (ward) 30.08.21

decided list (ward) 16.08.21

Decided List (Ward) 09.08.21

Decided List (Ward) 02.08.21

Decided List (Ward) 26.07.21

Decided List (Ward) 23.07.21

Decided List (Ward) 12.07.21.

Decided List (Ward) 28.06.21

Decided List (Ward) 21.06.21

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Decided List (Ward) 07.06.21.doc

Decided List (Ward) 31.05.21.doc

Decided List (Ward) 07.06.21

Decided List (Ward) 24.05.21

decided list (ward) 17.05.21

decided list (ward) 03.05.21.

decided list (ward) 26.04.21

decided list (ward) 19.04.21

decided list (ward) 12.04.21

Decided List (Ward) 05.04.21

decided list (ward)29.03.21

decided list (ward) 22.03.21

decided list (ward) 15.03.21

decided list (ward) 08.03.21

decided list (ward) 01.03.21