A4119 Closure July 22 2019

This is the situation as we understand it as of July 3.  We still don’t have information on bus routes.  If in doubt, please check with Cardiff Highways.

You can see a details map of the proposed works here: A4119 Road Closure Map

A temporary road closure on Llantrisant Road is required to undertake Culvert (Drainage Works) near the Persimmon Development.

The closure will commence Monday 22nd July at 09.30am and remain closed for a period of 3 weeks (approx.).  It has been planned for this time following a review with South Wales Police, RCT and Welsh Government due to it being school holidays it is anticipated less impact will be seen on the overall Network.

The contractor will be undertaking works between the hours of 8am -10pm Monday – Saturday and 9am -10pm on a Sunday to try and minimise the amount of time the road will be closed.

The closure will be from Cardiff Road / Heol Pant Y Gored junction to its junction with Heol Isaf, however access will be maintained for Residents/Business from Heol Isaf to Heol St Y Nyll only. This is to minimise the traffic going though small country lanes within the Creigiau / Pentrych, Radyr and St Fagans area, any residents within the Rhydlafar Estate will also have access at all times and if needs be they can utilise Crofft-Y-Genau Road to get to the South of the City.

The diversion will be A48 or Heol Isaf if leaving Cardiff, this will then join Ynys Bridge / A470.  Anything heading into Cardiff from RCT would have to use the M4. However we want to encourage people to follow the Diversion Route that is set.

HGVs will be diverted along the A48 from Western Avenue.  

The Weight Restriction on Heol Isaf will remain in place for the period of Llantrisant Road Closure for access only (like it currently is) however in the event of any incidents on the diversion route (A48) HGVs may utilise Heol Isaf.  Be aware that the police may not be able to enforce this during this period.  

Cardiff is liaising with Go Safe to be in attendance to review the speed limits along Heol Isaf again as they currently do.

As stated, Cardiff hopes this won’t happen but has to avoid HGVs turning around in Llantrisant Road, furthermore all developers who are currently undertaking development works along Llantrisant Road will be advised to remain the usual HGV route and not use Heol Isaf. Police will then attend following the opening and re-enforce the weight restriction.

Pedestrians and Cyclists will be maintained through the road closure via a bridge.

All emergency services are aware and putting in their own protocol to assist with this closure.

Stagecoach are currently reviewing the routes that they will be able to service and will be advising Cardiff as soon as possible.

There will be signs near Heol Isaf junction advising ‘Businesses Open as Usual’ so anyone attending businesses along Llantrisant Road / Church Road will still be able to gain access between Heol Isaf and Heol St Y Nyll from the South and anyone from the North will have to use the A470 / Creigiau County Lanes.

Please note that Cardiff has  looked at other possible ways to try and install this new Culvert, however unfortunately under Health and Safety this is the only option that it can use.


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Here is a map showing local weight restrictions:

P’tyrch S’rounding area-weight restrictions (002)


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